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Richard Hamilton  (b. 1922)

1922: Born in London.
Studied etching at the Slade under John Buckland Wright
Taught at the London Central School of Arts and Crafts
Taught at University of Newcastle upon Tyne
1960: Designed a typographic version of Duchamp's Green Box.
1965-66:With Duchamp's guidance, reconstructed Duchamp's The Bride Stripped Bare by her Bachelors, Even (The Large Glass).
1991: Married the artist Rita Donagh.
Hamilton was a member of the Independent Group, formed in the 1950s by a group of artists and writers at the Institute of Contemporary Arts, whose symposiums contributed to the development of Pop Art in Britain. He was one of the prime practitioners of the critic Lawrence Alloway's theory of a 'fine/pop art continuum'. Hamilton interpreted this as meaning that 'all art is equal - there was no hierarchy of value. Elvis was to one side of a long line while Picasso was strung out on the other side ... TV is neither less nor more legitimate an influence than, for example, is New York Abstract Expressionism.

After his training in engineering draughtsmanship he worked as a 'jig and tool' designer. Keen to embrace certain types of technology within his art, Hamilton began creating computer-generated works in the 1980s. This period saw him being invited to produce an updated version, which reflected on the change on society and popular culture of his print as part of a BBC programme.


Studied at Westminster School of Art and St Martin's School of Art
1948-51: Studied at the Slade School of Art
1945-46: Studied at the Royal Academy Schools
1940: Studied engineering draughtsmanship at a Government Training Centre.
1938-40: Studied at the Royal Academy Schools


1983: Won the World Print Council Award.
1950-1951: Won Slade Prizes Etching and engraving prize

Biographical Notes

Details from Tate Gallery, London

Works by Richard Hamilton 

Dimensional Data
Richard Hamilton 1972
Perspective Scheme
Richard Hamilton 1972
Radial Sections
Richard Hamilton 1972
Circumferential Sections
Richard Hamilton 1972
Treads (Line)
Richard Hamilton 1972
Treads (Area)
Richard Hamilton 1972
Depth Of Cut
Richard Hamilton 1972
Five Tyres Remoulded
Richard Hamilton 1972

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