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"Another point I’d like just to bring up is very interesting. I think you know I see it as incredibly democratic here which is great. I remember, and I’ve forgotten what point this relates back to, but when I chose to go to college you’d have a list of colleges around Great Britain. Now they’d all represented particular strata of thinking, and if you went to Coventry you were going to be a conceptualist and work with a typewriter, and if you went to St Martin’s you were going to work with architectural off-cuts and weld them together for three years. There was a whole gamut of styles that you could go to the college to find. I think what’s great now is that you can go to any college and they seem to have all of that gamut under one roof. You know you can do whatever you want. There’s a freedom, there’s a democracy about making and playing with ideas.."
Richard Wilson ... on art education