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"My mother was at art school during the Second World War in Manchester doing a Diploma. And basically they were taught all the kinds of separate skills that we would now separate out into different deparments. So she did Lettering, she did Life Drawing, she did Anatomy, she did Painting, she did Book Illustration, Typography, a kind of endless, and all very, very practically based and taught skills. Conceptually it was completely empty, there was no such thing. When I went to art school in the late ‘60s it was the exact opposite of that. There were no taught skills whatsoever and a lot of conceptualisation. Now hopefully we’re in a situation where we can marry those things together. But it’s a constant recycling and a movement between those two polarities. I think in an ideal art school you have a kind of dynamic situation moving between those things, which hopefully responds to students needs within a particular cultural environment and particular culturally focussed time."
Tim Allen ... on the changes in art education