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"My first experience of education was in the good old bad old days of the 1980s when it felt if you wanted to get hold of a lecturer in the afternoon you had to go and buy them a drink or knock on the door of the Chelsea Arts Club. And it was during this time that I was given the most extraordinary bit of career advice by John Hoyland, who said that the art world was like a sewer and only the rats and the pigeons survived. And you either had to become a rat or a pigeon or failing that you had to get into teaching. And that as a young student didn’t feel like great career options. I didn’t want to become any of those things. But so I was, but upon graduation you think how do I survive? And I think this is still very current for students at the moment, that it’s a very piecemeal existence for most people. And despite the kind of emphasis that’s placed on professional practice, despite the kind of solid kind of education that people get, it doesn’t always equip for public life."
Mark Hampson ... on art education