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There are 3 kinds of records in the Fine Art Collection. They are:

  • An artist's record - denoted by this symbol:Artist icon
    • This record contains biographical information on the artist, plus links to the artist's artwork and the Institution from which the work is associated
  • An artwork record - denoted by a thumbnail of the respective artwork
    • This record contains a larger image of the artwork, contextual information about the image, and links to any other views of the image, or related works. Some artworks are still images taken from time-based new media works. Where possible, a movie of those multi-media works is accessed by clicking on the movie iconMovie icon

To view the multimedia artwork, you will need RealOne Player - click here to download the free RealOne Player . This is something you will only need to do once and should not take longer than a few minutes.

  • An Institutional record - denoted by this symbol: Institution icon
    • This record will explain the importance of the Higher Education Institution in UK fine art education and practice, and will provide links to the artworks submitted by that institution.


The Fine Art search engine allows users to conduct searches in a number of different ways:

Users can search the collection according to criteria such as artist, geographical location and timeframes by clicking on the icons at the bottom of the home page or by using the search link on the navigation bar.

These 'browsable' search facilities allow you to search as follows:

By artist Artist icon

  • Click on a particular letter of the alphabet to bring back surnames beginning with that letter.
  • Choose All at the end of the list to bring back an alphabetical list of all the artists in the collection.
  • In some cases there are two artists records for a single artist. This is because a single artist may be in two institutional records.
  • Click on an artist record to see biographical details and a list of artwork submitted for that artist.

By location Institution icon

  • Click on an area of the map to bring back an institutional record.
  • Choose an institution from the list below the map. The institutional record displays information about the institution as well as an opportunity to view artwork submitted from that institution.

By timeline Search by Timeline

  • Click on a decade from the timeline to view notable events and a list of artwork from the collection created in that timeframe.

Keyword search

Using the search box on the top of every page of the site, users can enter a word or phrase and the results should contain any or all of the words specified.

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