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.. on art education

"the art world was like a sewer and only the rats and the pigeons survived...."
Mark Hampson

"when I chose to go to college you’d have a list of colleges around Great Britain. Now they’d all represented particular strata of thinking..."
Richard Wilson

"the subject is completely mutable, it’s not a fixed subject..."
Tamiko O'Brien
"British higher education in Art and Design is a brilliant manifestation..."
William Furlong

.. on the changes in art education

"at art school in the late ‘60s .... there were no taught skills whatsoever and a lot of conceptualisation..."
Tim Allen
"art schools have become pretty conservative spaces whereas once they were the last bastion of maverick thinking...."
Mark Hampson

.. on teaching

"take the premise that everyone’s born with an imagination which I believe they are..."
Richard Wilson

"One of the most fantastic things for me is being involved in that transformation with ... people’s minds..."
Mark Hampson

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