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  • Treasury of Charles I provides ?100 to fund an art school, circa 1635


  • Sir Godfrey Kneller set up an art school, 1711


  • William Hogarth establishes St. Martin's Academy


  • Royal Academy of Arts established in 1768, Sir Joshua Reynolds first President


  • Govt. votes funding for a Central School of Design, 1836
  • Government School of Design opens in Somerset House, 1 June 1837


  • Birmingham School of Art established as Government School of Design in 1843
  • Norwich School of Art established 1845
  • Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood started in 1848 by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt, as a reaction against 'stale, formula-driven art' of Royal Academy
  • Belfast School of Design established 1849


  • Great Exhibition
  • Saint Martin's School of Art established 1854
  • Brighton School of Art established 1859


  • Slade School of Fine Art opens 1871


  • Arts and Crafts Movement becomes active


  • W R Lethaby first principal of Central School of Art, London 1896


  • Euston Road School established 1937


  • Committee for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts (CEMA) established, 1940; CEMA incorporated as Arts Council of Great Britain, 1946
  • Young Contemporaries exhibition series established 1949 to show the work of graduating artists
  • Henry Moore winter International Sculpture Prize, Venice 1948


  • Henry Moore winter International Sculpture Prize, Sao Paulo 1953
  • An ICA exhibition 'The Developing Process' documents art educational approach reflecting Bauhaus influence, 1959


  • In 1960 a National Council for Diplomas in Art and Design (NCDAD) established to validate bulk of art and design courses at degree-equivalent level in UK.
  • Fine art associated in public mind with design, style and prominence of London on international stage
  • Early efforts to develop creative uses of modern technology within fine art curriculum
  • Hubert Dalwood prize winner , Venice, 1962; Roger Hilton winner UNESCO Prize, 1964; Anthony Caro winner First Prize for Sculpture, Venice, 1966
  • Staff/student takeover at Hornsey College of Art, May 1968
  • Bridget Riley winner of International Painting Prize, Venice, 1968


  • Establishment of polytechnics, into which many former art schools digested; controversy erupts with walkout of majority of members of Fine Art Panel of NCDAD 1971
  • NCDAD passed responsibility to Council for National Academic Awards (CNAA) in 1974 - candidates able to gain honours or Masters degree in art and design subjects. Art collection assembled and gifted to CNAA.
  • Process of recognising fine art's valid place within the higher education system leads to award of first PhD in Fine Art by CNAA in 1978
  • In 1974 the New Contemporaries annual series of exhibitions show work of graduating artists at Whitworth Gallery in Manchester.


  • Publication of results of enquiry into Arts and Higher Education (Ed. Robinson, 1982)
  • National Advisory Body seeks reduce fine art provision at degree level in UK, 1983
  • Establishment of subject association (National Association for Fine Art Education), 1985
  • Establishment of The London Institute, 1986
  • Frank Auerbach winner Leone d'Oro, Venice, 1986


  • CNAA art collection refurbished, catalogued and exhibited in London, 1992.
  • Richard Hamilton winner Leone d'Oro, Venice, 1993; Rachel Whiteread winner of Turner Prize 1993 and medal, Venice 1997; Damien Hirst winner Turner Prize, 1995; Chris Ofili winner turner Prize, 1998
  • Arts and Humanities Research Board (AHRB) established, 1998
  • Second exhibition of CNAA collection accompanies seminar to launch National Collection proposal, 1999.


  • National Art Collection established by JISC, 2003
  • Chris Ofili to represent Britain, Venice, 2003
  • AHRB to become Research Council

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