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Promise Land by Gili Dolev (Previous surname Dinovich)


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Promise LandPromise Land
Promise LandPromise Land

Moving images
'Promise Land' uses a contemporary political animation approach to subject matter executed in a traditional drawn animation cartoon style. This contradiction between concept and visuals reinforces and enhances the sense of CONFLICT, which is the main theme of the film.

Bernard Shaw explained that he is using humour as an anaesthetic when delivering a harsh social message. 'Promised Land' is using the same psychological tool in order to portray the politically and emotionally charged 'Israeli Arab' conflict, in the form of a humorous animated musical. The film tackles the topic by adopting a direct and blunt approach which presents both sides in a bitter realistic light, yet a nonbiased one. The film takes on an experimental and innovative approach by marrying different film and musical styles, and thus producing a new and striking look of an animated musical shot and constructed in an alternative documentary film style.

This project involves many students from animation, illustration, music and drama courses alongside professional actors, casting agent and producer from the industry. The film is a co-production of Duncan of Jordanstone College and SellOut Pictures.

'Promised Land' is not merely about a certain conflict in a specific place. It is an analogy, a prototype of conflicts between nations all around the globe, and as such it discusses and criticises the general phenomenon rather than the particular Israeli Arab dispute. Crossing boundaries between humour and pathos, it is ultimately an outrageous and thought provoking film.
Artist:Gili Dolev (Previous surname Dinovich)
Artwork type:Animation film
Material:Pen on paper and Textured paper both manipulated in Softimage Toonz and Softimage 31) software.
Measurements:All tiff files 111 0x600 pixels, 300dpi
Technique:Traditional drawn animation characters layered on top of 31) computer backgrounds.
Location:Produced at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design.
Culture:Israeli and Palestinian
Rights owner:Gili Dolev
Rights status:UK HE use only
Institution:Dundee - Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art
Notes:The use of humour as an anaesthetic when delivering a harsh political message.

Production time from October 2000 to June 2002 (anticipated completion)

1 320x 173 pixels, running time 20.24 seconds 320x173 pixels, running time - 27.14 seconds 320x 173 pixels, running time -23.01 seconds

Due to the contemporary relevance of the subject matter and the ongoing conflict in the
Middle East, some of the events that appear in the film took place in real life during the
actual production. That reinforce the importance of tackling this issue and bringing it to the international public awareness.
When the events of September 11th occurred I was often asked how those events affect the film and whether it was necessary to make changes? It was only natural that I will reexamine the film in the new light and I ask myself whether anything has really changed. What I come to realise is that the major difference between what has been going on in the Middle East for centuries, and what had happened in New York is the sheer
number of casualties and. I didn't find any conceptual difference in terrorism, only an inexperienced superpower having to adjust to the idea of being challenged in such way. Technically nothing had changed. This is the same religious fundamentalism which uses terrorism and suicide bombers as its devices. I believe that the message appearing in Promise Land is being reinforced by those events, and nevertheless it is more important as a contemporary historical and social document.

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