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Moment by Katrina McPherson


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'Two women in a space. They are dancing. Their relationship moves through different moods and states. Their characters are gradually revealed through fragments of action. The significance of a moment, whether solitary or between them, is explored as time is slowed down, stretched, speeded up repeated and stopped. The narrative is subtle and intriguing, suggested rather than explained, impressionistic rather than literal.

'Moment' is a dance made especially for the screen.

It was commissioned by the family of Michele Fox, a young choreographer/film-maker who died in 1997 at the age of 30. Michele was a contemporary of video-dance maker Katrina McPherson, who was given total freedom to explore whatever she wished within her genre of video-dance.

In 'Moment', Katrina continued her development of the use of improvisation and choreographic techniques of both the camera and dancers in the making of dance for the screen.

'Moment' is performed by dancers Anna Young and Jennifer Paterson, who were very involved in the development of the video-choreographic material, as was Movement Coach Paula Hampson.

'Moment' was filmed in the Round Chapel in East London. The lighting-cameraman was Neville Kidd, who has filmed many of Katrina's broadcast and non-broadcast productions.

'Moment' was edited by Katrina's long-term collaborator, Simon Fildes, using Avid Media Composer 9000. In the edit, Katrina and Simon worked with the repetition and looping of material to create a work based on texture, rhythm and dynamic rather than narrative.

The soundtrack is derived almost entirely from sounds captured at the time of filming. Breaths, foot-falls and general ambience were incorporated at the off-line stage, as sound and vision work closely together, exploring synch and nonsynch relationships. Katrina worked with sound-designer John Cobban on a further sound-dub, which enhanced the existing soundtrack, adding pads of atmosphere to the existing rhythms.

In December 2000, 'Moment', was awarded the prestigious 'Best Screen Choreography' award at the JIVIZ Dance Screen Festival in Monaco. It has been screened at many festivals across the world, including 'Moving Pictures', Canada, 'Dance on Screen, London, England and Oberhausen Short Film Festival, Germany and is currently being toured internationally by lIVIZISK Kultur and by the British Council.
Artist:Katrina McPherson
Artwork type:Video-dance work
Material:Digital video
Measurements:Running time = 7 minutes, (excerpt for web = 55 secs)
Technique:Dance created especially for the camera, captured and edited on digital video
Rights owner:Katrina McPherson
Rights status:UK HE use only
Institution:Dundee - Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art
Notes:Created between January and June 1999. Premiered at Dance on Screen Festival, London, November 1999.
'Moment' belongs to the emergent genre of 'video-dance'. Although dance and film have had a close relationship since the early days of cinema, it is only really in the past 12-15 years that video-dance has been established as an art-form in its own right - a fusion of dance and the moving image.

In the context of current trend on the international video dance scene, Katrina McPherson' s work is distinctive in its non-narrative, rhythmical approach and the use of the choreographed camera to draw the viewer into the experience of the movement.

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