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Nudes Composition by Martin Froy

In a colour scheme of predominantly blue, grey and pale ochre, with some terre vert, a central, abstracted mass with a pyramidal structure suggests a grouping of three nude forms. The foremost figure appears to be lying on her side, stretched across and parallel to the lower horizontal edge. Two other figures stand behind, linked at the shoulder, and flanked by tree-like forms. A graphic effect across the surface, with black lines giving some definition within the flesh mass.
Artist:Martin Froy
Artwork type:painting
Material:Oil on canvas
Measurements:710 x 914 mm
Location:University of Leeds Art Collections
Rights owner:Martin Froy
Rights status:UK HE use only
Institution:University of Leeds
Notes:Martin Froy was the first Gregory Fellow in Painting at the University of Leeds, from 1951-1954. During his Fellowship, he made a series of nudes painted from drawings, all in a similar range of blue, grey and brown tones, each area distinct from its neighbour. He has described them as “Fauve pictures in earth colours” (Martin Froy, Serpentine Gallery catalogue, 1983)
This work, painted 3 years after the conclusion of his Fellowship, was exhibited in the Gregory Memorial Exhibition at the ICA in 1959, and at Leeds City Art Gallery in 1960.

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