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Mars Red, Yellow and Brown by Terry Frost

Two gently arcing horizontals, one concave and one convex, are pitched against groups of lightly brushed verticals. In places, the resulting forms are filled in with colour, but not densely. Light stippling is introduced, as well as patches of lightly brushed-in colour unconfined by line. Some areas of the canvas are left free of colour.
Artist:Terry Frost
Artwork type:easel painting
Style/Period:St Ives
Material:Oil on canvas
Measurements:1270 x 762 mm
Rights owner:Terry Frost
Rights status:UK HE use only
Institution:University of Leeds
Notes:Mars Red, Yellow and Brown was painted during the year Frost spent at Leeds following his time as Gregory Fellow, and when he was teaching at Leeds College of Art with Harry Thubron. Always concerned with the evolution of an intuitive repertoire of painterly language evoked by his experience of nature rather than an attempt to imitate or represent it, Frost developed a new vocabulary of shapes in response to the Yorkshire landscape. The bobbing curved forms of the early 50s, evocative of the Cornish seascape, gave way to more strongly vertical taut forms, often dense in colour and contained within strong black lines, strung across the canvas in a gently curving horizontal movement. Mars Red, Yellow and Brown contains the elements of this pictorial language, but at the same time represents its development into the lighter and more open form which characterised his work in the late 50s and early 1960s. The painting was formerly in the collection of Herbert Read.

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