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Levitation by Quentin Claudian Stephen Bell

A female figure, draped loosely from shoulder to ankle, lies in a vertical position horizontal to, but elevated from, a rectangular block. She is connected to the block solely by the thick column formed by her cascading tresses of hair. Sketched lightly in pen and ink, with a few washes.
Artist:Quentin Claudian Stephen Bell
Artwork type:drawing for sculpture
Material:Ink on paper
Measurements:208 x 320 mm
Technique:pen and ink drawing
Location:University of Leeds Art Collections
Rights owner:Olivier Bell
Rights status:UK HE use only
Institution:University of Leeds
Notes:Quentin Bell was Professor of Fine Art at the University of Leeds from 1959 to 1967. Bell moved to Leeds from King's College, Newcastle, where he had been senior lecturer in Fine Art. Newcastle, unusually for that time, taught both theory and practice. Bell always insisted that the history of art and its practice should go hand in hand and he brought this thinking to the Leeds Fine Art course. Throughout his time at Leeds, he continued his own art practice, producing paintings, pottery and sculpture, characterized by a lyrical and decorative touch, conjuring up an imaginative and often bizarre world. This drawing, made in the 1960s, was later given plastic form in 'The Dreamer' a fiberglass cast of a levitating woman, which was [commissioned] in ....and stood for many years close to the Edward Boyle Library, until an extension to the building displaced it.

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