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English Roses by Mimei Thompson

Scene of roses with strong shadows against a turbulent sky. The artist has noted that the subject of this painting has broader connect that interrelates with the creative technical processes outlined in the following artist statements:

"Our contemporary, predominantly urban context frames and mediates our understanding of landscape. Whilst our direct contact with nature is on the decline, we see more and more of it through the various images in the media that surrounds us daily. A longing, dreaming and nostalgia for nature that within itself recognises the impossibility of attaining a desired state of being undifferentiated from the environment gives the work an uneasy, somewhat melancholic atmosphere."

The artist collects images of nature and re-presents them, transforming the photographic instant into extended, self-contained time. Small repeated brushstrokes work against flat areas in the painting, emphasising the act of making, the hand of the artist, in a particular controlled way. The integrity of the picture-plane is questioned, shiny enamel playing against mat acrylic surfaces, creating ambiguous light and space.
Artist:Mimei Thompson
Artwork type:painting
Material:acrylic and enamel on wood
Measurements:1210 x 860 mm
Location:University of the Arts London
Rights owner:Mimei Thompson
Rights status:UK HE use only
Institution:University of the Arts London

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