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Moon Stone by Paul Hamilton

"The image is part of a series of prints created with the Celtic Christian period as the main source of inspiration. This has always been a period that has fascinated me, a time of enlightenment and tolerance between many diverse groupings. The works were created using numerous scanned from original drawings and screen-prints and then placed in various layers in the image manipulation programme Adobe PhotoShop. The layers were representative of the many layers of understanding and mystery that have yet to be uncovered. My intention is that the viewer would see different hidden elements on return visits to the work, uncovering more of the mystery behind the meaning of both the painting and the Celtic period. This layering process became predominant throughout the work so much so that hidden layers were placed within images that could be revelled by physical manipulation of the surface The work has become a springboard that has taken me into research. This research is for a Ph.D., which I am currently studying for at the University of Ulster, looking into the influence of computers on printmaking and the learning process within third level education."
Paul Hamilton
Artist:Paul Hamilton
Artwork type:digital print
Style/Period:Post-Impressionist late 20th century
Material:iris print on somerset paper
Measurements:510 x 610 mm
Technique:from numerous 'original drawings' and screenprintsprinted on an epson printer
Location:University of Ulster, Permanent Works of Art collection, Belfast, Northern Island
Culture:Irish Celt
Rights owner:Paul Hamilton
Rights status:UK HE use only
Institution:University of Ulster
Notes:Based on Celtic stone-worked monuments, a 'Hole Stone' refers to a megalith, sometimes standing alone, sometimes associated with a more complex structure, which is distinguished by having a Hole through it. Such stones are often associated with healing and fertility. Where size permitted babies and small children were often passed through the holes in an attempt to cure their diseases right up to modern times. Smaller holes may have alignments to the Sun, Moon or certain Stars.
The hole, in what is also colloquially called the 'loving stone' symbolises the link from the inner spirit world to the outer earth, male to female,
the elemental to the universal, chaos to order.

The artwork is currently included University of Ulster exhibition 30 Years of the Printmaking Workshop, world tour 2001/ 2002 / 2003 with venues in China, Japan and United States of America.

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