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Panel at Bodington Hall by Hubert Dalwood


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Panel at Bodington Hall
Built from 36 rectangular sections or tesserae, a system of perpendiculars occupies the lower section, subjected to a variety of surface texturing reminiscent at different points of scales, crocodile skin and random brickwork. Three related motifs appear. The two situated in the upper area are reminiscent of eyes and mouth, while that to the left combines elements of Moore's Glenkiln Cross with the caryatid. Dalwood has exploited the gridlike divisions imposed by the sections, using them as a network to contain the design. At the same time, subtle curves and semi-spirals break from the horizontal and vertical, occasionally effacing the intersecting lines.
Artist:Hubert Dalwood
Artwork type:sculpture / bas-relief
Style/Period:Tactile, surface exploration, abstracted organic form
Material:Anodised aluminum silicon alloy
Measurements:640.08 x 609.6 cm
Technique:cast aluminium sections
Location:Bodington Hall, University of Leeds
Rights owner:Kathy Dalwood
Rights status:UK HE use only
Institution:University of Leeds
Notes:The relief was commissioned from Hubert Dalwood for Bodington Hall, the new University hall of residence designed by Denis Mason Jones of the Leeds firm of Jones and Stocks. The relief, which Dalwood described as 'a composition in terms of the architecture of the building', is placed on the central refectory block, providing a subtle punctuation to the architect's fenestration.

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